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                The company has set up a marketing system of technical support, installation and maintenance to provide users with timely and comprehensive services. Presently, the company has two overseas subsidiaries and offices in Egypt, Cambodia and Angola. Domestically, the company and its sales service provider have a team of over 100 service engineers. The company’s 24-hour service hotline has been opened. We promise that our service engineer will arrive at the scene within 4 hours.

                The company’s Shanghai headquarters sales service center, service centers in northern and southern China and service outlets in provinces and municipalities form a three-level service system. Local service outlets ensure that service personnel will arrive at the user’s premise within 4 hours. The service centers in northern and southern China can provide part storage, technical and labor support. The company’s Shanghai headquarters has established a service database for on-site engineers to search via internet. It also allows service specialists from the headquarters to conduct remote diagnosis and elimination of faults via internet.

                1、Well-developed three-level sales and service system

                First-level agency: Engineering and technical service departments of local dealers or distributors

                Second-level agency: Subsidiaries and branch offices of Cooltech

                Third-level agency: Cooltech’s Shanghai headquarters

                2、Cooltech’s sales and service agencies across the country

                Eastern China: Sales service center of Cooltech’s Shanghai headquarters                     

                Nanjing company

                Northern China: Cooltech’s northern service center

                Beijing company, Hebei company, Shenyang company, Zhengzhou office, Changchun office, Harbin office, Jinan office and Taiyuan office

                Southern China: Cooltech’s southern service center

                Southern China: Cooltech’s southern service center

                Guangzhou company, Shantou company, Shenzhen company, Xiamen offic

                Central China: Wuhan company, Changsha office, Nanchang office

                Southwestern China: Chongqing company, Kunming office, Nanjing office

                Northwestern China: Xi’an company, Urumchi office

                In addition, the company has more than a dozen of sales service providers covering more than 20 provinces and municipalities.